We use Occupational and Physical Therapy to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities around the world!
Our Mission:


Therapy Missions sends teams of volunteer professional therapists to parts of the world where these resources are scarce, or do not exist at all. Our work is designed to not only enable those that we Treat to overcome their disabilities, but also Teach their caregivers new ways to help the person with the disability, and to Train local professionals and paraprofessionals in recent advancements in therapy.

Little boy from Juarez, Mexico - 2009
The Ripple Effect-

During a mission we spend a great deal of our time teaching caregivers and training the local staff. The impact of our visits goes well beyond just the positive effects of the treatments that we give patients. The caregivers and local staff then carry forward this knowledge, training others. The tremendous ripple effect this creates impacts on an ever-expanding number of people with disabilities.

The Power of Local-

Although we bring down many donated items on our missions, a major emphasis is always put on using material that is locally available, such as PVC pipe, to construct adaptive devices for patients. In this way, local professionals and care givers can continue to build and teach others how to build devices long after we have left.

Upcoming Missions:

Montego Bay, Jamaica  October 11-18, 2014
Step Centre School, Kingston Jamaica  Febraury 15-21, 2015
Kingston, Jamaica - March 21 - 28, 2015
Dominican Republic  June, 2015 


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